Sci-Fi Month 2019

This November I’m taking part in Sci-Fi Month hosted by Lisa @deargeekplace and Imyril You can get all your information and keep a track of what everyone else is up to on Twitter with the #SciFiMonth hashtag and @SciFiMonth account. The above image is by Sebastian Decoret @

One of my reading goals was to read more Sci-Fi this year, which I have done, but I figure it can’t hurt to get a few more in.
So this month I’m hoping to read at least three books from the collection of sci-fi I found on my shelves.

I also have some Sci-Fi reviews that I never got around to doing, my aim is to catch up on those. And I might even get in a Stacking the Shelves post and a Top Ten Tuesday if I can give it a Sci-Fi spin. It could go anyway really, I’m not great at sticking to a tbr plan.

Are you participating? Do you read a lot of Sci-Fi? Do you have any recs for me?

4 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Month 2019”

  1. Aurora Rising is on my TBR too, and once I have posted my TBR I thought about two titles that I want to add to it, and one of them is Skyward… I may have been a tad over optimistic about my reading this month but… Oh well!

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