Book mail is the best mail.

My books have arrived!!!


I said in an earlier post that I’m not going to be a crazy book buyer this year and while this looks bad, I promise its not. I will admit though that I’m really looking forward to my birthday in April and I’m already planning what books I want to get. Until then here are my newest babies. They may have recently arrived but they aren’t 2018 purchases, so I still haven’t bought a book this year, I’ve kept to my game plan. That’s a pretty epic feat.

Aaahhhh Mark Lawrence. If you don’t follow my Insta page then you might have missed the fact I’m a little Mark Lawrence obsessed. So this is me finishing up getting all of the physical books. Until April of course when Grey Sister comes out. Yes its on my birthday list… Family if you are reading this, hint hint.  For any Mark Lawrence newbies The Broken Empire trilogy is his first series, its brutal, grim and the characters exist in the morally grey area of life. There is no good guy for you to root for and I freaking love it.

JohnGwynne-Malice I’ve been seeing this one around Insta for a long time and I’m very excited to be finally jumping on the bandwagon. I have a feeling I’m going to love it.




If you don’t follow Sam Sykes on twitter, pause here and go do it. He is a little odd in a good way and hilarious, so much so that I ordered this book without knowing much about it. Which leads me to my next purchase.



ShadowOpsCover Myke Cole is also hilarious on twitter and the way him and Sam tweet at each other is gold. I actually thought Myke was a sci-fi author but it doesn’t seem that way. I think its called Military fantasy and considering he has served himself I think this could be my new favourite series.


27422533 Yes, I’m following all of that hard core fantasy with some paranormal romance. I like a bit of everything, I read around. If you are an urban fantasy or pnr fan, you need to get all of Ilona Andrews books in your life. That duo can do no wrong! Even the ones that I haven’t loved are bloody addictive. They write book crack.

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Bookstagram and blogging, I’m feeling grateful.

It started out as a thank you, but then I just kept rambling.

Just after Christmas I got a package in the mail. I knew it was coming and I was really excited. The lovely Miss Blue  was sending me a book called Riverkeep, she had two copies and knew I was wanting to read it, so bam in the mail it went. But when it arrived, the parcel wasn’t the size of a book, I opened the box (yes a box, not a satchel thing) and my mind was blown. There wasn’t just one book in there, there were four and a wonderful note that made me cry a little. The thought and effort she went to, to pick books I would like blew my mind. Also she bloody nailed it, her picks were freaking excellent.

It got me thinking; this community is so passionate about books, we love books so much that sharing our favourites with others brings us joy. I’m grateful for bookstagram because I can share my obsession, with like-minded people and feel completely comfortable. My loved ones accept that I’m a total book nut, but I’m pretty sure they think I’m odd. I don’t feel odd on here though or on Insta or twitter talking books. My husband is so damn supportive of anything I do, including starting this blog, but I don’t think even he gets how much this all means to me. To have a space to put my thoughts out into the world is amazing, whether people read my blog or not, it’s the bookstagram community that has given me the confidence to do it. To have people who understand how excited I am about a book I just read, or my obsession with authors, or how much I love book mail is quite liberating. I can say that staring at all the wonderful books on my shelves leaves me with warm and fuzzies in my belly and people get it.

I’m pretty introverted and have kids, I can’t really get to a book club meet up, so being able to connect with others online is the next best thing and for the most part my book groups on Facebook are the main reason I can’t bring myself to delete the stupid site. I love seeing what everyone is reading and getting book recommendations.

I’m sometimes told I should get a hobby. Well this is my hobby, its my passion, its how I want to spend my free time. I’m not into sport or going out all the time, I’m not a big fan of watching tv, I’m not a gamer. I like to read, I like to talk about books, I like to take photos of my books and put them on Insta. Books are my happy place.



Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings

Space pirates, could it get any better?

I received this arc e-book from the publishers via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Space pirates, an all female crew, gallivanting across the stars, lots of kicking arse, this book sounded amazing. I was pretty excited, it was my first NetGalley and I expected to enjoy it..

Andi aka the Bloody Baroness, is the captain of the Marauder. Her and her all girl crew of mercenaries fly from planet to planet, thieving, killing, making money and a name for themselves. When they are caught by a bounty hunter, who just happens to be her ex boyfriend, she doesn’t think it can get any worse, until the Govenor of her home planet gives them a job in exchange for a clean record. They have to sneak into a top-notch prison and rescue his son who has been missing for two years. The premise promises lots of action, intrigue and excitement.

Ok, where to start? Lets start with the characters and see where they take us. Androma aka Andi aka the Bloody Baroness. She is the ruthless, feared Merc who has been running from her past since she was 16. She has blood on her hands and the only thing she cares about are her girls and her ship. Andi is a complicated woman, she is a total badass and kills indiscriminately, but when she gets home she keeps a tally so she can brood over  it later. She has trouble sleeping because of events from her past, and of course she wears a skin-tight leather bodysuit.

Androma’s pale, ghostlike hair was now streaked with purple, and hung out from beneath a black hood, which was pulled low. He could barely make out her grey eyes, and the smooth metallic plates on her cheekbones. But he could make out the rest of her: perfect curves beneath a sleek, skin-tight leather bodysuit, the hilt of a knife sticking out from her black boots. And of course, outside of the hooded cape, her trademark glowing katanas strapped across her back like an X of death. Continue reading “Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings”

The Painted Man by Peter V. Brett

Magic, demons and characters that pop off the page.

I’m still very new to writing up a somewhat readable review, so I’m concerned I’m not going to be able to do this book justice. Which would suck, because every fantasy reader out there, that has yet to read The Painted Man, needs to get out there and get themselves a copy.

It’s hard to find something that feels completely original when you read a lot, sometimes you notice similarities between plots, characters and themes within different books. As far as I’m aware these similarities aren’t intended, it just happens. People write about the same themes in their own way. While reading The Painted Man I didn’t have any of those “this reminds me of that other book” moments. It felt new.

In this world where people go about their lives during the day and hide behind their wards at night, where demons rise from the core to bring death and destruction to all they encounter, we see the best of human nature, the very worst and for the majority, the grey in between. The story follows three very different characters. Arlen who runs from his village and survives, where not many others could have. Leesha, betrayed by those who are meant to care for and sent on a path she never imagined for herself. And Rojer, who had to watch those he loved torn away from him, time and time again. I was going to say at the start that the world building is amazing, but it’s so much more than that. Each character adds another dimension to the world, together their lives bring it to life in your mind. The tension is so real that if your anything like me, you will have bitten your lip until it bled within the first 50 pages. The action is so intense, because of how invested you become. The story is constantly building, winding these lives together. The characters are quite young at the beginning and the way the author showed their life, learning and progressing throughout the next ten or so years was brilliant. We are never bogged down with information overload, but we are given a wonderful sense of who these people are and what they might become. Continue reading “The Painted Man by Peter V. Brett”

December 2017 – Books, Music and Kittens.

Books I read, music I listened to and kittens I found

This has not been much of a reading month. Life has been distracting me and I think along the way I lost my mojo. I haven’t really felt the need to pick up a book for most of the month. As someone who reads 3-5 hours most nights I found it a bit weird to start with, but then I decided to go with it. I watched tv, harassed my husband more, paid a bit more attention to the family and completely ignored this blog.

It was an up and down month, with some really exciting things happening. I flew to Victoria and spent the weekend with my sister and mum. We went and saw Fuel live for their 20th anniversary tour. It was a big tick on my bucket list, their singer still has a great voice and I was quite glad my 15-year-old self’s dreams of marrying him didn’t come true. I loved being able to share the night with my mum and Sister. Shimmer absolutely went off. It was epic. I’m not sure if I’m remembering correctly, but I think it was mum that introduced me to their music, I think she recorded a gig they did on late night TV here in Australia because she thought I would like them. If that’s the way it happened, thanks Mum. My sister is pregnant so I spent half the weekend talking to her itty bitty stomach. It’s so damn cute, I’m looking forward to my next trip over to meet my niece. She is going to be spoilt with so much love. Continue reading “December 2017 – Books, Music and Kittens.”

Missed the mark in 2017

5 Books I was hoping to love in 2017

I’ve told you my favourite reads for 2017, so now I’m giving you the disappointing reads of 2017. I don’t necessarily think they are terrible books, ok some are, but most just didn’t work for me.

Dishonourable mentions go to – Brooklyn by Colm Toibin and Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn.

Now onto my top 5 My top 6 books that I didn’t love this year.

The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli – I feel bad about this one, it was repetitive and nothing really happened. I dnf’d it almost halfway through, so I gave it a red-hot crack,  I tried to like it, I was waiting for it to get good, but it was repetitive. All of the side characters were flat, the mc was a terrible sister and dragon hunter. We were told everything, never shown and it was repetitive. I was extra bummed about this not working for me because DRAGONS!!! Not nearly enough books have dragons. Continue reading “Missed the mark in 2017”

Crushed under my pile of unread books

Reading challenges for 2018 – get through my unread books.

It’s a common bookworm problem, so many books that need to be read on your shelves, yet new shiny books catch your attention, so you grab them and ignore the ones you already have. Your pile of unread books slowly gets bigger and bigger and next thing you know its time for a new bookcase. I went from two bookcases to four last year, plus a small one. My fantasy case is double stacked and so are most of the others and at least 80% of these are unread. I read a decent amount of books, in 2017 it was 120, down from 163 in both 2016 and 2015, yet I seem to be buying them so much faster than I can read them. Does this knowledge stop me from buying more? Fuck no, read or unread, my shelves are beautiful, so many gorgeous books.. Yes I’ve been known to stroke my books while looking for my next read, sometimes I tell them I love them, sometimes I just sit and stare at them like the creeper I am. The key to my book buying is op shopping. A very large percentage of my books were purchased second hand for between 2-3 dollars. I once walked out of an op shop with the first 4 books in the Peter V. Brett, Demon Cycle series. That was a happy day. I find heaps of urban fantasy, paranormal romance and books that I’m not sure if I would like, so I wouldn’t risk paying full price for it. I have come across some absolute ripper reads this way and new authors that I now love. If you are looking to expand your reading, I fully recommend op shopping. I think I’ve got enough on my shelves now, so I probably wont be doing it much in 2018. I will be getting new books of course, I don’t think I could go on a book buying ban, that’s just crazy, but I will be limiting my purchases to series I already have on the go. Nicholas Eames and Mark Lawrence have books out in the next couple of months, no way will I miss out on those. Also Brandon Sanderson is an absolute work horse, I’m sure he will be releasing something this year and I can’t miss out on that. Continue reading “Crushed under my pile of unread books”