January wrap up.

My month of entertainment


I started this month with the best of intentions, I was going to knock out a heap of books from my shelves, get some challenge books ticked off and you know, just be awesome at posting, taking bookish photos for Insta and as it’s School holidays here, so enjoy some time with the kiddies.

Within the first week I pretty much killed my chance of hitting my tbr goals for the year. I finally worked up the courage to sign up for NetGalley and whats even more crazy is that I have been accepted for over 10 books. Um, not going to lie, this was such a bloody thrill. I’ve been wanting to do it since I first heard of it several years ago and I finally did it. I really didn’t think I had a hope, lets face it, my audience isn’t huge, but by some miracle I’m in and its all looking good…. Just not for all the unread books on my shelves.

Books read this month:

The Painted Man by Peter V. Brett – An epic fantasy read, I’m looking forward to book two. Click for my review, it contains a lot of gushing!!! 5/5 stars

Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings – My first NetGalley experience. I tried to make it a positive review, If you haven’t seen it, click the link and let me know what you think. 2/5 stars (that’s me being generous)

The Outsiders – I haven’t read this since highschool. There were tears within the first chapter. This book is fucking wonderful. Such a classic, and I recently discovered the author was quite young when they wrote it, which is cool. If you have never read it, it’s a quick, easy read, that will rip out your heart and then step on it. Its perfect, read it!!!  5/5 stars

I know why the Cage Bird Sings by Maya Angelou This took me a little to get into. I went from gobsmacked, to horrified, to angry and then impressed. It shows you a world not many have seen or experienced. It was one of those books I see on those “must read” lists, so I’m glad I finally got to it. 3/5 stars

The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton – Such a wonderful fantasy book. It’s set in Orleans, a place where you are born grey, with red eyes; a place that covets beauty above all else. Which brings us to the Belles, 16-year-old girls with the talent to bring beauty and colour into the world. It has political intrigue, mystery and many intense relationships. For my actual review click the link, because that description was severely lacking. 4/5 stars

They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera – I tried to write a review for this one… It’s pretty short because I kept crying and couldn’t see the screen. Its YA Contemporary, a must read, so fucking sweet. 5/5 stars

Queen Corona by Ester Hazy  This was a tough book to review. 1. I’m still really new to this and trying to find my way and 2. It’s a really confronting read, the book isn’t here for escapism or to help you relax, it’s a massive call to action. Also my review is the only one on Goodreads, that’s intimidating. 3/5 stars

Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood – This is historical fiction, but based on the real life case of murderess Grace Marks. She was found guilty of murdering her employers and sentenced to life in jail. Her co-accused was hung for his part in the murder. Historical Fiction is not my comfy place, I like to dip my toes in the genre occasionally, but then I run straight back to fantasy, So I found it quite dull. The voice of Grace is quite bland and I was bored by the 50% mark. So why did I keep reading? Because Margaret Atwood. I’m on a mission to read her books. This is book 3 so far. The Handmaids Tale is still my favourite. 2.5 stars

T.V –

The End of the F**king World – Well wasn’t this completely out of left field. I saw it, thought about it and then kept seeing positive things online, so I finally organised myself, sat down and watched the lot. 8 episodes at roughly 20 minutes each, its perfect for bingeing. The acting was superb and the plot was different from anything else I’ve watched lately. Get to it. See for yourself if James, the self diagnosed psychopath gets to kill Alyssa during an epic road trip.

Movies watched this month

Coco – 2.5/5 – I didn’t do a review for this one. I’m not sure why, but I didn’t really have anything to say about it. I did cry though, my Nana has Alzheimer’s, so that touched my little black soul.

That’s a wrap. A solid reading month with a bit of everything, I was hoping to branch out from the fantasy umbrella and I did, with 3 non fantasy books, actually I don’t think They Both Die at The End is fantasy, so make it 4 non fantasy books. Half of the books read this month were off my shelves, that’s decent enough for now. I will have to do better next month though, maybe some small easy books will make their way onto my TBR for February. Oh and one more positive, I didn’t purchase any books this month. I hope you all had an amazing month. Let me know what your favourite read was!


5 thoughts on “January wrap up.”

    1. Thank you, I’m not sure i’ll ever get through them all unless I stop requesting haha.
      Oh no, I was lucky enough that I found the first for second hand, so I paid $2 each. So if they don’t work out for me, I won’t feel like I wasted any money 🙂


      1. I’ve been pretty lucky with my cheap finds, its the only way I can afford to collect as many as I do. Oh Damn, that sucks a bit. Are there any online second hand places you can get them from?


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