Junker Blues: Mars by Lon E. Varnadore

Junker Blues Mars by Lon E VarnadoreSynopsis – Marcus Redding is a junkologist, living on the boundary between the Belt and Mars, hunting for tech from ships of the Pre-Crawl days. Harboring a secret and a chip on his shoulder the size of Deimos, he prefers to be alone. Yet, with his new partner, Lashiel, an Ilas hybrid, he has found something that will make him very rich, or make him very dead.

Pursued by gangsters who want their cut, the Martian Defense Force, and an alien race that has meddled with human affairs for far too long; Marcus finds himself in a race against time, the elements, and a plethora of enemies to save the two-person crew of the Junker Blues.

This was a NetGally discovery and I loved the sound of the blurb. I was super excited to read it and it’s only 190 pages so I smashed it out in one sitting. And look, I’m not sure how to review this one. The premise was wicked, it starts out strong and I enjoyed the first little bit and then I’m not sure what happened but it kind of turned into an inconsistent dumpster fire.

There was zero character development, the twists and turns were bland and wow as I write this I realise that I don’t really have anything positive to say. The world building and history had so much potential but nothing was fleshed out. Things are briefly alluded to, but it’s mainly just keywords thrown around.

I guess it’s one of those things where as you continue to read the books, you would get more backstory and character development, but you have to want to keep reading. You can’t just ignore it and hope people will keep reading when you haven’t actually given them anything to look forward to. I think you have to make a person care about some part of your book, for me it’s the characters, so they want to find out what happens to them next.

Also I just don’t think the book was ready for readers yet. It was messy and inconsistent. It could have been so much more.

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