What I’m Watching

I don’t watch a lot of tv and the movies I do watch are ones with the kids, so I thought I would use this month to watch a few of the sci-fi movies I’ve missed out on. Every week I’m going to fill you in on what I’ve watched and what I thought. 

Last week I put a poll up on Twitter to see what I should watch first and it was basically a tie for most of the day between Snowpiercer and Interstellar, so I made an executive decision and chose Snowpiercer as I realised Interstellar has Anne Hathaway in it and I couldn’t put myself through that. Not even in the name of science. I think that’s permanently off my options list now unless I get desperate.

It turns out I made the very best choice because Snowpiercer is a fucking masterpiece. I feel like it’s a movie that shouldn’t work, I actually think the premise is bloody stupid but holy shit does it work. It’s stunning, brilliant, timely, and horrific. From the acting to the camera work to the lighting, every part of this movie is perfection. 

Tilda Swinton is absolutely exquisite. I detested her character so much. Ko Asung and Octavia Spencer were fantastic. Jamie Bell made my heart hurt and the good Chris played his role wonderfully. 

Once sci-fi month is over I’ll be watching Parasite to see what other magic Kang-ho Song and Bong Joon Ho can come up with when working together.

I highly recommend it to all.

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