The Door and Other Uncanny Tales by Dmetri Kakmi

I’ve had a weird hankering for horror recently (very unlike me) and as I do in times of book need, I turned to NetGalley. Imagine my excitement when I got approved for The Door and Other Uncanny Tales. I’ve been obsessed with short stories lately so this collection was perfect.

The Door contained some brand new stories and a couple of previously released tales.

The Door and Other uncanny tales

Most of the stories were set in Victoria, which is where I’m from, so it was really cool to read the fantastic descriptions of Melbourne and a couple of other beautiful towns. I will admit, the creepy level was raised because I knew the places that were mentioned. Also there is a warning at the start of the book as some pretty heavy topics are covered, like domestic abuse, child abuse and attempted suicide. Most of these stories are centred around a child, so just a heads up.

As for the stories, they started out strong. The Door was intriguing, creepy and I turned the light on at one point. Note to self, reading horror is not best saved for night time.

“The eye withdrew from the keyhole and, almost instantly, a face appeared in the frosted glass above.”

This was the moment I said Get Fucked, and put the book down for five minutes because it scared the shit out of me. Just for clarification, it was a painting, there should have been no one behind the door, it wasn’t a real door. The Door was a deep dive into what it means to be alive, to actively live instead of passively existing. I thought it was a well written, inclusive story, that seemed to dive deep, considering how short the story was.

The collection continued with several beautifully written stories that I found engaging and horrifying. The slow build creep factor was high. I was really glad to have picked this one…

Until I came to the story Light in her Eyes and look, I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt, I tried to figure out if I was reading it the wrong way, but I just couldn’t get passed it. I was fucking horrified and kind of disgusted. I was going to share a quote from this one just so I don’t have to be the only person whose retinas were burnt, but I decided that wouldn’t be fair on any unsuspecting person that reads this. I’m not even going to dive into the last story because there was a scene in it that made sure I would never ever read this author again. Not for me.

Also I feel like I should mention that besides maybe 2 of the stories, I didn’t find the others scary.

So overall a couple of really well written stories followed by two stories that were beyond fucked and they tainted the entire collection for me.

Release 28th September 2020  –  Amazon

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