What Makes A Witch by Linnea Capps

Cute, quirky, endearing and heart-warming, these are just some of the terms I would use to describe this wonderful story of discovery and self-acceptance.

What makes a witch by Linnea Capps Synopsis – Greer is a young rat thrown to a cruel world. Living on the streets, he finds sanctuary with Mistress Addison, a witch and enemy of the Grand Coven. Though only women can control the power of the ley lines, Mistress Addison defies those rules and agrees to take the young rat on as her apprentice. Starting his journey, Greer finds himself learning for more about his own identity than how to cast spells. Follow him and see what his path unfolds in What Makes a Witch!

What Makes a Witch is a very quick read coming in at around 60 pages, yet every page and word is made to count. The way the story flows means you wont put it down, you will read the whole thing at once. Greer is an adorable rat who has been shunned by their family and society, at their wits end, desperate, they seeks out Mistress Addison after hearing a local witch bad mouth her. With Mistress Addison they find a kind, understanding, caring woman, a witch with incredible power. A witch who is willing to look past an exterior and try to help them achieve their goals. 

Greer goes through a lot in this tale. I enjoyed watching the character development, discovering everything along side Greer. The magic throughout is really cool and Mistress Addison is a wonderful character, I loved her accent. I absolutely loved that the characters were all animals, I thought that was so cool.

This is a book that would appeal to readers of any age, from middle grade through to adults. It’s well written and engaging.

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