The Rush’s Edge by Ginger Smith

Sci-fi full of adventure, found family and a nice little romance in the background. Hell yes. Can I just say LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and be done because otherwise my review will be flailing and fangirling over my most very favourite male friendship ever. I’m not sure if the author was aiming for a crying reader, but there were some pure, sweet, wonderful moments of friendship that brought me to tears and that these moments could happen while characters were covered in other peoples blood was even better.

The Rush's Edge by Ginger SmithGoodreads synopsis – With the help of his commanding officer, a genetically engineered ex-soldier fights back against the government that created him and others like him to be expendable slaves.
Halvor Cullen, a genetically-engineered and technology implanted ex-solider, doesn’t see himself as a hero. After getting out of the service, all he’s interested in is chasing the adrenaline rush that his body was designed to crave. Hal knows he won’t live long anyway; vat soldiers like him are designed to die early or will burnt out from relentlessly seeking the rush. His best friend and former CO, Tyce, is determined not to let that happen and distracts him by work salvaging crashed ships in the Edge. But after a new crewmember—hacker-turned-tecker, Vivi—joins their band of misfits, they find a sphere that downloads an alien presence into their ship…

This was such an enjoyable read. The characters were so full of life and depth. I was completely blown away by how attached I got to them. In the midst of all this adventure and crazy battles and fight scenes is one of the most beautiful friendships you could ever hope for and this is what made the book so incredibly special. I loved that Hal and Tyce were so I open and able to admit how important they were to each other. Their moments alone on the page together were my absolute favourites. 

The connections between all of the characters elevated this story from just another space adventure to an endearing tale of friendship and love. It made me connect with the characters, it had me on the edge of my seat cheering for them. The way the romance was played throughout the story was subtle and never heavy handed. Hal is my very favourite character. He was written with such tenderness, which is in such contrast to the way he was raised and his nature forces him to be, that all of his soft moments even more precious.

“You should know that if he gets to the point where he trusts you, he’ll trust you completely. I don’t think you’d abuse that, but… you should be aware of it.”

This book has so much going for it, I just can’t do it justice. I can only tell you that I read it almost two months ago and I still find myself randomly wondering what Hal, Tyce and the crew are up too. 

From the cover to the last page, every part of this book is an absolute wonder. It is easily in my top 5 list of the year so far. I’m blown away that this is the authors debut novel, it reads as though she has been perfecting her craft for years. 

Title: The Rush’s Edge – Author: Ginger Smith – Release: 10 November 2020 – Publisher: Angry Robot

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