Author recommendation – Alan Baxter

I’m pretty much the worst reviewer ever this year. I’m struggling to review everything I read and it has meant some truly brilliant books have slipped through the gaps. So I thought this would be a good way to alleviate my guilt while shoving my love of an author and his books straight into your eyeballs.

Alan Baxter is an English/Australian author, who writes dark, gritty, often brutal urban fantasy and horror, so I figured October would be the perfect time to showcase some of his work.

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Obscura by Joe Hart

What a bloody wild ride. Sci-fi, thriller, mystery, dystopian and horror all rolled into one, keeping you on the edge of your seat and holding your breath throughout. Continue reading “Obscura by Joe Hart”

The Outcast Hours edited by Mahvesh Murad and Jared Shurin

A quick review

“When the sun goes down, our imagination runs free. In the dark, we let go of our inhibitions and free our inner selves, be they monstrous or magical. The night is when even the best of us can live our worst lives… And the worst of us our best.”

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Final Girls by Riley Sager

A mini review but not really

This book has a bit on the front that says “If you liked Gone Girl, you’ll like this”, once again I’m going to have a whinge. Stop comparing books to Gone Girl. I know this works for some, it makes them pick it up, but it just irritates me. If a book is advertised as a psychological thriller, than you don’t need that added comparison, I get it, there will be twists and turns, it may even be really clever, but chances are it isn’t bringing something new to the thriller genre if it’s getting compared to other books. Fuck! Just stop. Rant over! Continue reading “Final Girls by Riley Sager”

Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton

A mini review

I tend to avoid psychological thrillers that are compared to Gone Girl because I loved that book and I think that type of comparison gives you a real sense of the way the story is going to go, taking away the fun of discovering twists and turns on your own. Continue reading “Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton”


A recap

As someone who normally reads 8-15 books per month, the last couple of months have sucked reading wise. Not the quality, but the quantity has been low, recently I only got through one book in the entire month. I have had stuff on, I know that your reading pace can change, life changes and you change. Mine was very much a case of I lost my mojo. In June, due to some rereads, I feel some sense of satisfaction with the amount that I have read. The joy that I have gotten from it. I’ve been inconsistent with blogging and such, I always will be, I think its part of my personality. But I had fun with it all. Continue reading “June”

Manifest Recall by Alan Baxter

Read the book!!!!!

Manifest Recall is a dark, fast paced, violent read, which will grip you tight and just when you think it couldn’t get anymore intense, it will deliver an emotional uppercut that may move you to tears. Continue reading “Manifest Recall by Alan Baxter”