My 2019 in review

  Hey, Hello, Welcome. Its been well over a month since I even attempted to do anything blog related. I have a habit of going hard at something and then completely dying in the arse and it’s very obvious when you look at the way I post. Some months I post several times a week, others I only post once and December, well that was the month of silence. I didn’t even read a book in December. I had a dnf but that is it. I was all kinds of busy in December, it was chaos. The erratic posting probably won’t change in 2020.
My productivity levels are often tied to my mental health, which cycles throughout the year. When I’m hyper focused I can smash through posts, but once my brain starts to fog up, I struggle to push through that and that is when I divert my attention to real life stuff. My mental health has definitely done it’s best to kick my ass this past year, and I’ve had months of bouncing of the walls and weeks where I felt like I was suffocating and I didn’t know how to keep functioning. But I have a fantastic support network, a wonderful psychologist, a family that loves me and a husband who can let me hide when needed, hug me when needed and remind me to put the phone down and pay attention to my kids when needed. This isn’t a woe is me post, I don’t expect or need sympathy, it is exactly what the title suggests, a review of my year. All of my year. Continue reading “My 2019 in review”

The Traitor God by Cameron Johnston

A Review

“I had many failings, but knowing when to run wasn’t one of them.”

The Traitor God by Cameron JohnstonEdrin Walker has been on the move for 10 years, hounded by daemons, needing to keep a clamp on the magic bubbling inside. Drinking himself silly and finding comfort when he was able to pay for it, he was willing to continue his exile to keep his friends safe. But when he feels his dearest friends’ death through their bond, he knows it’s time to go home to Setharis, it’s time to remove the meek merchant mask and make those responsible pay. He will find out why Lynas was killed or burn everyone who gets in his way. Continue reading “The Traitor God by Cameron Johnston”