Melody Finch by Ian B. Boyd and Gary Luck

A fantastic middle grade adventure.

This year I have read quite a few middle grade books. Thank you NetGalley for sending them all my way. The quality has been outstanding and once again I have picked a winner.

Melody Finch by Ian B. BoydSynopsis – Melody Finch is a story about the hardships of drought in Australia’s Murray Darling Basin river system, as seen through the eyes of its native wildlife. When Melody Klomp turns into a Diamond Firetail Finch, she learns from a secret network of frog spies that big rains are coming. An amazing journey begins from Charleville in Queensland to the Coorong in South Australia, so Melody can tell her Nana of the incoming rains before she sells her beloved tour boat, The Isabella. Along the way, Melody meets many wonderful birds, frogs, seals, and even a platypus. At the end of her journey, she and her network of bird friends must fight together to defeat an evil net fisherman and his pet osprey, Silverclaw, to protect the future of all animals living in the Coorong.

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