Meet me in the future: Stories by Kameron Hurley

Meet me in the future by Kameron HurleyElephants and Corpses was my very first introduction to Kameron Hurley’s writing several years back when Tor had it on their site. It was a first class story that made a lasting impression, yet its only in the last year that I have started buying and reading more of Hurley’s work. I sit back now and want to kick myself. So of course when I saw this on NetGalley I hit request as fast as I could and then put everything else on the backburner as soon as I was approved, even though I had a couple of months before it’s release day. Continue reading “Meet me in the future: Stories by Kameron Hurley”

The Outcast Hours edited by Mahvesh Murad and Jared Shurin

A quick review

“When the sun goes down, our imagination runs free. In the dark, we let go of our inhibitions and free our inner selves, be they monstrous or magical. The night is when even the best of us can live our worst lives… And the worst of us our best.”

Continue reading “The Outcast Hours edited by Mahvesh Murad and Jared Shurin”

Dancing with fantasy and sci-fi, a kickass reading challenge

It’s Bingo Time

I was just checking in with a few blogs and came across a challenge that has piqued my interest. So much so I’ve decided to give it a whirl. Do I expect to complete it? No, I rarely finish the challenges I start as I over-estimate my staying power. Do I let that stop me from starting them? Also no. Continue reading “Dancing with fantasy and sci-fi, a kickass reading challenge”

Take-Out: And Other Tales Of Culinary Crime by Rob Hart

A review

Take-outWith 16 tales to offer, Take-Out has something for everyone. Each a little twisted and dark, they bring us to the places where food and people meet. Food can bring people together, it can cause pain when taken away, it can be how we show love, it can be used to feel better after a shitty day. Throughout his stories Hart explores the gritty, dark and sometimes funny aspects of human nature. He uses the world around him as his muse. From Butcher’s Block to Swipe Left, he takes current issues and puts his own spin on it. He shows how the ugliness of society has always been there, once before it was the mafia, now its corporate greed. He asks the hard question; What length would you go to, to be able to start again? And just when you think it’s all dark, you come across Creampuff. A feel good tale between the criminals and low lives. Continue reading “Take-Out: And Other Tales Of Culinary Crime by Rob Hart”

Beyond Meridian by C.C Bridges

A mini review

Beyond MeridianMy first m/m romance, this was a quick, easy read. Beyond Meridian is under 100 pages, but it is crammed full of action, adventure, romance and sexy time. Continue reading “Beyond Meridian by C.C Bridges”

Restricted Fantasies by Kevin Kneupper

A Review

Kneupper uses this collection of short stories to ask where our technology is taking us, what is real and what is virtual realities place in the future. He speculates on where the technology could lead us. Continue reading “Restricted Fantasies by Kevin Kneupper”

Apocalypse Nyx by Kameron Hurley

A quick review

Do you ever have an author that you keep seeing around on the interwebs, but never in store where your likely to impulse buy, and your scared to branch out into new territory because you already have a lot of unread books on your shelves and if you try this author and they are as kick ass as you think they might be, you will end up with 10 more books on your shelves and admitting that you may well die under your tbr pile because there is absolutely zero chance of you catching up? Continue reading “Apocalypse Nyx by Kameron Hurley”