What I’m reading this week

I still haven’t found my reading mojo, but I’m getting a few pages in here and there. It’s school holidays here at the moment, so I haven’t been able to get in any day reading for almost two weeks. The two main books I have on the go are: Continue reading “What I’m reading this week”

It’s my birthday, I’ll buy books if I want too

April book haul

2017 was the year of buying books… hundreds and hundreds of books. 2018 is the year I show restraint, but not in April. It’s my birthday month, which means if I’m super lucky people buy me books or I’m given money and I buy copious amounts of books. This year both happened. So much fantasy goodness came my way.  Continue reading “It’s my birthday, I’ll buy books if I want too”

Reading slumps that leech into blogging and bookstagram.

A slump stole my mojo!

Slumps… The bane of my book nerd existence. We are all susceptible to a book slump, but I haven’t gone through one myself for well over a year. Until now. I’ve tried all my usual remedies, a Twilight marathon, bingeing TV, starting a heap of books to find one that calls my name and nothing has been working. Its been over a month now since I finished a book. I’m not posting on here, my bookstagram has been devoid of any even slightly exciting content. I’ve had no desire to take pictures. I lost my freaking mojo. Continue reading “Reading slumps that leech into blogging and bookstagram.”