2018 – Best reads so far….

Awesome books ahead

Six months in and I’m way off target for my reading goals, but I’ve still managed to read some great books. Continue reading “2018 – Best reads so far….”

It’s my birthday, I’ll buy books if I want too

April book haul

2017 was the year of buying books… hundreds and hundreds of books. 2018 is the year I show restraint, but not in April. It’s my birthday month, which means if I’m super lucky people buy me books or I’m given money and I buy copious amounts of books. This year both happened. So much fantasy goodness came my way.  Continue reading “It’s my birthday, I’ll buy books if I want too”

Age Of Assassins by RJ Barker

A review

Girton Club-foot is not just a fourteen year old boy, he is an apprentice to one of the lands best assassins. But this latest job hasn’t gone the way they expected. Instead of being sent in to kill someone, they are there to protect them. To use all their skills to find this assassin before he can strike. Continue reading “Age Of Assassins by RJ Barker”