WWW Wednesday

Today I have a super simple post to let the world know what I’m reading. Hosted by Taking on a World of Words, you answer 3 questions and hey presto, you are all done.

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?


Last week I said I was handing the book selection duties to my daughter in the hopes I would find something that tickled my fancy… I’m here this week to tell my plan did not work. I dnf’d the hell out of the first book and didn’t even bother with the second selection because I knew it wouldn’t work for me at the moment. I ended up picking up a book I didn’t have high hopes for and smashed it out in a couple of hours. Due to the absolute lack of motivation for blogging and reviewing properly, my two line thoughts will be up on Goodreads at some point in the next month.

– Currently reading –

Distorted by Nyla K

– Recently finished –

Unhinged by Onley James

– Reading Next – 

Rage by K.A. Knight

If we were to judge those books by the covers, it would seem I’m in the mood for trashy reads… It’s true I’m in the mood for trashy reads. It’s all I can handle right now. It’s almost been two months since I picked up an epic fantasy. I don’t know what is going on… Is this genre burn out? Is that even a thing?




TikTok made me do it – Romance wrap up part 1

At the start of the month I made a post about wanting to read some of the hyped about authors on TikTok. You can find my original post HERE. Now that the month is winding down I wanted to see how I did. If I actually managed to stick to my list of books and let you know if I thought they were worth the hype.

Hate by Tate JamesFirst on my list was Tate James. I started with Hate from her Madison Kate series. I think it’s safe to say that I really enjoyed her book. 7 books later and I’m desperately waiting for the last book in her Hades series to be released. I loved her books so much I wrote an entire post singing her praises, which you can find HERE. If you are after a reverse harem, like your men protective, violent, sweet, heavily tattooed with a little bit of choking than Tate James is the author for you.


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The Great BookTok Debate -Part 1

Ok, that title is shit, there is no debate. It rhymed in my head and so I had to use it as a title. Anyways, my old ass recently ventured onto tiktok, and well, it’s a lot. But I found a whole bookish community on there and I was so excited. I’ve mostly come across romance readers on there, so if you are on there and rec fantasy, please let me know. 

And now to the point of this. I found that a lot of the same books are being talked about again and again. It seems everyone is into the same 5-10 dark romance/smutty books. As someone who is a big fan of romance with a heavy dash of fairy porn, I wondered why I had missed all these books. I’m using June to explore and talk about all the romance that are being recommended on TikTok. So if you aren’t a fan of romance, skip most of my posts this month. Continue reading “The Great BookTok Debate -Part 1”