Scales of Empire by Kylie Chan

Out now

Do you have an author that you automatically buy all their books, but you haven’t  read any of them yet? I have a few. One of the many authors I do this with is Kylie Chan. I’ve been slowly collecting her books, but haven’t picked up the couple I’m missing. I was super excited when I came across her latest book on NetGalley, but in typical Maxine style I haven’t finished it yet.


Corporal Jian Choumaliis on the mission of a lifetime – security officer on one of Earth’s huge generation ships, fleeing Earth’s failing ecosystem to colonise a distant planet.

The ship encounters a technologically and culturally advanced alien empire, led by a royal family of dragons. The empire’s dragon emissary offers her aid to the people of Earth, bringing greater health, longer life, and faster-than-light travel to nearby stars.

But what price will the people of Earth have to pay for the generous alien assistance?

In this first book in a brand new series, Kylie Chan brings together pacey, compelling storytelling and an all-too-possible imagined future in a tale packed with action, adventure, drama and suspense.

Dragons in space! Yes please. I’m hoping to start this in the next week or so. I’m drowning in my unread books, but at least my kindle books can’t topple over and crush me.

Scales of Empire by Kylie Chan is published by HarperCollins Publishers Australia and is out now. Booktopia or Amazon