MS Readathon

The MS Readathon is a fantastic event. I took part in it as a child and have lots of nostalgic feelings from my experiences. I loved to read as a child so it was my favourite fundraising event.

As a teenager I had a teacher, Mrs Belcher (I think that’s right, its been 20 yrs), with Multiple Sclerosis. she was a bloody badass and total inspiration. She put up with zero shit. She was one of my absolute favourite teachers.

A few years ago my uncle was diagnosed and it completely changed his families life. He lived with us a lot while I was growing up and he and his wife mean the world to me. It is a cruel disease.

So this year in honour of my Uncle Mark, my kids are both taking part.

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The Cat Ninja and a Cabal of Shadows by Erik DeLeo

One of the many wonderful things about NetGalley is that you come across books that would otherwise never have crossed your radar. Over the last year I have discovered that I have a love for fantastical, magical, middle grade, adventure stories.The Cat Ninja by Erika DeLeo

The Cat Ninja and a Cabal of Shadows by Erik DeLeo is my latest read and guys it was just as much fun as the title suggests. Continue reading “The Cat Ninja and a Cabal of Shadows by Erik DeLeo”