Author recommendation – Alan Baxter

I’m pretty much the worst reviewer ever this year. I’m struggling to review everything I read and it has meant some truly brilliant books have slipped through the gaps. So I thought this would be a good way to alleviate my guilt while shoving my love of an author and his books straight into your eyeballs.

Alan Baxter is an English/Australian author, who writes dark, gritty, often brutal urban fantasy and horror, so I figured October would be the perfect time to showcase some of his work.

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September Shenanigans

A monthly wrap up

Once again I prove that I’m terrible at sticking to any plans. I had grand dreams at the start of September. I was so excited about #SelfPubFantasyMonth and then it just so happened that the first book I read was a total stinker and blew all the wind out of my sails. Continue reading “September Shenanigans”

Hidden City by Alan Baxter

A Quick Review

Rundle lit a cigarette, shook his head. “Shit on you! You wanna know my superpower? How about this?” He popped the trunk of his car and grinned, smoke curling from his lips into the rain. In the trunk were several pump-action shotguns, a few bullet-proof vests, a box of flares, assorted automatic pistols and boxes of ammunition and, in the corner a cardboard box of round, green grenades.
“Who says I ain’t Bruce Willis? Can I join your league of superheroes now, huh?”

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