Grave Reflection by A. Lawrence

To celebrate Halloween eve (is that a thing?) I’m participating in a blog tour brought to you by the team at Storytellers On Tour.

Grave Reflection is a fun, creepy, inclusive read. Lots of ghosts, beautiful friendships and a town on the brink of mayhem.

Grave Reflections by A. LawrenceSynopsis- Another Friday night, another trip through a potentially haunted house. Shay’s not a believer, but she’s willing to help her best friend, Max, with their amateur ghost hunting show. Little does she know she is about to be thrown into a world of witches and dangerous spirits.
With newly discovered abilities, Shay finds that she can both see and touch spirits. The downside is, the ghosts can touch her back, and it seems that they’ll do anything to get a hold of her.
She was never much of a ghost hunter. How will she do when she is the one being hunted? Continue reading “Grave Reflection by A. Lawrence”

5 family friendly movies to watch this October

My kids are 7 and 15, and I’m a total scaredy cat, so our Halloween watching has to be a little chilled out. Here are some of our favourite spooky movies to watch.

Without a doubt Hocus Pocus is my favourite Halloween movie, it’s funny, Bette Midler is outrageous and while I still jump at a certain scene in the graveyard, the whole family enjoys it. Continue reading “5 family friendly movies to watch this October”

October plans

I have been avoiding making TBRs recently. They stopped working for me. I’m struggling with reading this year, so it’s just easier to read whatever happens to tickle my fancy at the time. But this month I wanted to get into the Halloween spirit (also something I have never really done before) and read something a little scary. I feel like I need to preface this with I’m a total sook and normally avoid anything I think will be scary and I did have to sleep with the light on once or twice while I was reading IT. Continue reading “October plans”