Movie Review

Ferdinand, released December 2017 by Blue Sky Studios.

Having kids is great for many reasons, one of those is that you get to go to all the kids movies without looking like a weirdo on your own or having to borrow friends children.

Ferdinand is the story of a sweet bull; bred for bull fighting, he’s only interested in smelling the flowers and avoiding confrontation. After his Dad doesn’t return from a bull fight, Ferdinand runs away. He hops a train and ends up at the home of Nina. Here he is treated with love, he can smell flowers all day and he sleeps in Nina’s bed. He is in his idea of heaven. But when he accidentally destroys a market he is sent back to the very place he ran from. A place where the bulls have to fight each other, if they lose they are sent to the slaughter house up the hill. The bulls think this is all there is, they believe they can win their freedom. Ferdinand wants his freedom back, he knows they can’t win it, he knows he has to take it and enlists an odd assortment of friends to help him along the way. Continue reading “Ferdinand”