Stacking The Shelves

A weekly post where I can gush about my new books? Yes please. Granted I definitely won’t have something to post every week, I’ll just do it as required. I will be including everything from my purchases, to NetGalley, gifts and books from authors.
For more information head over to Tynga’s reviews.

Stacking the shelves Picture - Saturday meme

I was going so well. I had only spent $2.99 on books up until this last fortnight, then it all went out the window. I’ve probably only spent $50 or so now, but I requested a few from NetGalley and managed to grab an arc from a favourite author. Maybe next month I can keep it under $10, which is my goal.

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City Of Kings by Rob J. Hayes

A Review

I was lucky enough to pick this up on my kindle while it was on sale. Rob J. Hayes has been floating around in my attention bubble for a while. His books seem right up my alley, but the whole self-published thing can make me a little hesitant. I know I shouldn’t be like that, but I have read a lot of bad self-published books, it has made me a little gun-shy. After attempting to participate in #SelfPubFantasyMonth I’m committed to trying new to me self-published authors though, so here we are. Continue reading “City Of Kings by Rob J. Hayes”

September Shenanigans

A monthly wrap up

Once again I prove that I’m terrible at sticking to any plans. I had grand dreams at the start of September. I was so excited about #SelfPubFantasyMonth and then it just so happened that the first book I read was a total stinker and blew all the wind out of my sails. Continue reading “September Shenanigans”