September Shenanigans

A monthly wrap up

Once again I prove that I’m terrible at sticking to any plans. I had grand dreams at the start of September. I was so excited about #SelfPubFantasyMonth and then it just so happened that the first book I read was a total stinker and blew all the wind out of my sails. Continue reading “September Shenanigans”

Broken by Sasha Marshall

A review

The Guitar Face series is being rereleased by Bell Bridge Books starting with Book 1, Broken.

“What? Fuck, knock boots, shag, bang, bump uglies, screw, do the deed, make whoopee, get dirty, get it on, pork, bone, smash guts, play hide the salami, ride the bologna pony, hanky panky, or get balls-deep?”

Continue reading “Broken by Sasha Marshall”