Music Monday

Music for your ears

It’s Monday, the start of another working week and to distract us from the humdrum of work I’m bringing you another song I love. This was started by the Drew over at The tattooed Book Geek make sure you check him out.

I absolutely loved this album. It was on repeat forever. I’m not sure how I came across them. I think it was my mum actually. I’ve had tickets to see them three times. The first time they cancelled, because they didn’t have enough ticket sales, then they pulled out of Soundwave because they weren’t headlining and then the one time they did come for Soundwave my son was young and he wouldn’t take a bottle. Little shit ruined my boobs and made me miss out on one of my top 5 bands. My husband and sister-in-law went in my place and said it was shit, but I would have loved it. Continue reading “Music Monday”