TikTok made me do it – Romance wrap up part 1

At the start of the month I made a post about wanting to read some of the hyped about authors on TikTok. You can find my original post HERE. Now that the month is winding down I wanted to see how I did. If I actually managed to stick to my list of books and let you know if I thought they were worth the hype.

Hate by Tate JamesFirst on my list was Tate James. I started with Hate from her Madison Kate series. I think it’s safe to say that I really enjoyed her book. 7 books later and I’m desperately waiting for the last book in her Hades series to be released. I loved her books so much I wrote an entire post singing her praises, which you can find HERE. If you are after a reverse harem, like your men protective, violent, sweet, heavily tattooed with a little bit of choking than Tate James is the author for you.


Wrong Guy, Right bed by Katee RobertKatee Robert was an author that I hadn’t heard of before TikTok and I started with one of her older books. Wrong Bed, Right Guy was a comfortable, cozy read. I loved it. I enjoyed the dynamic between the two main characters and I will be finishing the series. They are the perfect palette cleanser after an intense book. From what I can gather her books get dark and very smutty, which I am 100% here for.




King by T.M. Frazier

I also read King by T.M Frazier and I didn’t mind it. Its a dark, broody, violent romance, with kidnapping and pain kinks on the side. I smashed through it really quickly and I didn’t dislike it, but I do wish I had managed to avoid the hype because then my expectations wouldn’t have been so I high. From the reviews the series gets better, but I don’t know if I’m willing to look past the way the story ended to find out. I think I’ll try the author again, but maybe a different series if she has one.



It ain't me, babe by Tillie ColeI delved it motorcycle romance with It Ain’t Me, Babe by Tillie Cole and shit the themes were dark. It was interesting. The main character was raised in a cult and managed to escape running straight into the clutches of the most hardcore motorcycle gang around. It was well written and I enjoyed the character development, romance and smut. I have a total soft spot for motorcycle romances with over protective alpha males. I will be continuing the series for sure. 


Tryst six venom by Penelope DouglasPenelope Douglas is an author that seems universally loved on TikTok so I had to dive in and she has so many books out that it was bloody overwhelming so I went with her brand new release Tryst Six Venom. It’s a f/f, bully romance and it was bloody intense. The bully aspect of this book was so brutal. Like violent, mental and emotional bullying. Please check content warnings before you jump into this one, because it was tough to read and it didn’t even hit any of my triggers. I’m convinced that each of the brothers in this series will get their own story as well. I love the eventual softening with bully romances, when they admit their feelings and this hit that spot for me. I’m not sold on the author though, so I’ll try another one and see how I go.


The Deal by Elle KennedyAnd my final tbr choice was The Deal by Elle Kennedy. I’ll be honest this wasn’t a TikTok rec, I just happened to come across it while I was purchasing the other books for this. I first heard about it when it was first released, it was getting so much love, so I dove in and fucking loved it. A sports romance with possessive domineering men? YES PLEASE. I loved pretty much everything about this book, the main characters, the banter and the sexy times. But where it really won me over was the way it handled rape, domestic violence and the fallout from both. It is one I would recommend again and again. I had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading it and I’ll definitely be continuing the series. 


I will be doing a full wrap up later in the month with all the others I have read, I just wanted to commemorate this moment. I think it’s the fist time I have finished any tbr that I set.

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