Author spotlight – Tate James

Sometimes you see an authors name get thrown around and you wonder, is the hype warranted. Are they really that good at what they do?

As I said a few weeks ago, I’ve was planning on reading pretty much all romance this month. I had a heap of authors I wanted to try and I managed to snag free kindle unlimited, so I’ve had plenty to choose from. Tate James is a name I’ve been hearing about on instagram for months and when I finally joined the TikTok ranks the romance readers seemed to love her. I selected 6 or so authors and was only going to read one book from each author. 

It seems Tate James had other ideas because I’m currently on book 7 from her. That’s right 7 books. I haven’t been able to stop. There has been multiple late nights, smashing one out after another and I’m fucking here for it. It is so rare that I can read more than one book by an author in a row, even when I have them.

I think it helps that her books are usually around 300ish pages, her stories are comforting and like a warm hug, albeit a hug covered in blood. The characters are engaging, dynamic and I can’t get them out of my head. They are also all ridiculously sexy, violent, dark and a little broken. Her books provide the perfect form of escapism. 

I love that I have jumped so deep into the contemporary romance genre, I love morally grey characters and not one of her characters could be considered the good guy or woman. Everything about these books ticks my boxes. To the point that I’m even willing to forgive the insane fucking cliff-hangers she throws in. I’m so glad most of the books are released because if I had to wait I would have cried.

The books are hot, really hot. If you are wanting to add some spice to your life then I highly recommend giving her a go. I love some smut, and it turns out I’m a massive fan of the reverse harem sub genre. I’m so here for the sex positivity in her books. 

I have finished her Madison Kate series and I’m not so patiently waiting for the release of Timber, book 4 in her Hades series. But while I wait she has a massive back list of books for me to read. She also writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy and fantasy as well, so you  just know I’ll be trying those out soon. 

I was going to write reviews for all of her books I’ve read so far, but I’ve flown through them so quickly, that I decided to just shout my love for this amazing Australian author instead (she is from New Zealand but lives in Australia, so I have claimed her as ours). She is consistently good, she has made me cry, laugh and squirm. She seems to write at a prolific pace, so I’m sure she will be keeping me busy for years to come.

So all of that is to say if you are looking for some very well written romance, sex and violence, Tate James is the author for you.

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