Gods and Monsters by Janie Marie

Sometimes you read a book and your like yep, that was fine. I enjoyed it. And then you sit down to write a review and you realise that if you look to closely at the plot, characters and the pacing, all the holes start showing. And if you try to write an in-depth review it will become a shit-show.

That’s where I’m at and I feel conflicted.

I loved the concept, I love fated lovers. I loved that our main character had kids. I loved the plague idea. I LOVED the men in this book and I really enjoyed our main characters growth.

Gods and Monsters by Janie MarieSo much potential, but I’m struggling to get past the second half of the book. Why did it need to incorporate every single mythical system. We had angels, we had Lucifer and the religion surrounding them. We had the angel of death for shits and giggles and all of the Greek Gods came to play as well. We had vampires and werewolves and don’t forget the knights of the round table angle as well. Oh and lets not forget zombies. Hmm, I’m sure I’ve missed a couple. The absolute bravery of taking everything and trying to fit it into one book, WOW. I wish it worked, I really do.

But about halfway through this rather chonky book the plot went off the rails and there was absolutely no chance of it coming back. 

So I’m sure your wondering… Did I keep reading? 

Yes, I bloody well did because I’m a total trash panda for any type of fated love story with fangs. If someone has read this, is it turning into a reverse harem? Because I haven’t read one of those before and I wouldn’t be mad. I’m really hoping book 2 will be tighter. I’m hoping the story will flow a little better. I’m hoping the main characters storyline doesn’t get bogged down and lost in all the other shit going on. I would love some more consistency in the way the characters behave. 

I don’t even know what else to say. Will I read book 2? Probably. Would I recommend this one? Probably not. I don’t know. Click the Goodreads link and decide for yourself, because the main character, Jane’s growth is pretty great. She is in such a hard spot and she is a fiercely loyal, courageous woman. 

Oh, I forgot to say, this series has the most beautiful covers. Absolutely stunning. The hardbacks would look amazing on my shelves.


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