Did someone say Wyrd and Wonder?

It’s time for my favourite event of the year. WYRD AND WONDER!!!!! The entire month of May raving about all things fantasy. Every type of fantasy. High, low, epic, magical realism, grimdark, urban, paranormal… All of it.

I think the big challenge this year will actually be producing reviews for what I’ve read and what I will be reading. I just counted and I have 15 partially written reviews that I could finish and post during May. All wonderful books, but I haven’t written a review in over a month, so you can see why I would be concerned about my ability to get shit done.

I also have some list posts I want to do, because lists are the best. Again, it’s probably wishful thinking.

I’m hoping to get brave enough and knowledgeable enough to start a TikTok account so I have another way to shove my opinions and excitement about books in peoples faces. Considering I ignore my bookstagram often and have been quiet on the blog, this is probably unnecessary, but I have so many ideas of things I could post about. It would be super basic, because I’m a basic bitch. I think I just want to be a part of all the bookish communities. 

And I shall stop my ranting here and tell you about some of my reading options for the month. I am a total mood reader so there is a very good chance I will go off script and not touch any of these.

Currently reading and would love to finish. Why am I reading all three of these? See above.. Mood Reader.

Been sitting on my kindle for ages and I really want to read them

The “My NetGalley backlog that is fucking shameful and I judge myself so you don’t have to” options

And because I’m in the mood for some sexy time books, I’ve selected these to choose from 

Okay so that wraps up my reading selections for the month of May. I have no idea how many I will get to and yes I know I have put a lot on the list, but I needed a book for every occasion. Also I figure the bigger the selection, the more likely I will stick to my tbr. I’m sure my fellow mood readers get it.

As always Wyrd and Wonder is brought to the world by Imyril, Lisa and Jorie, I’ve tagged them so be sure to check out what they are up to. Also the official Wyrd and Wonder Twitter is HERE. This year the kickass header art is by Svetlana Alyuk on 123RF.com.

Happy reading my fellow fantasy enthusiasts, I’m looking forward to seeing what you all get up to. 

12 thoughts on “Did someone say Wyrd and Wonder?”

  1. I just added Trick to my tbr, sounds right up my alley, but I’m also a mood reader so who knows if I’ll read it this month or in a year 😀 Good luck with your tbr!

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  2. Hallo, Hallo Maxine,

    Isn’t it grand!? Our fourth year — for the first time I’ve felt more settled into the opening weekend of our lovely fantastical event and it feels wicked wonderful! 🙂 I ususally can’t blog hop until after the first week, but keeping myself a bit more organised with some advance planning helped me curb the wait-time! I wanted to start by going through the Master Log and this is how I’ve arrived here as my first stop! I am happy to hear you love Wyrd And Wonder – it is an event which gives such a renewal of joy to each of us who co-host as well. Its nice to see how something we conceived has taken root with others and that everyone who joins us finds it such an enjoyable part of their year!! Bless you for your lovely compliments. And, thanks for sharing how to find us on #booktwt!

    Remember we don’t have any set rules about how you join us – you can simply create a *thread on Twitter if you’d prefer to update us that way, tagging us #WyrdAndWonder and we’ll see what your reading/thinking/contemplating this month. Or if lists are your jam right now over reviews, do those instead! I’ve seen some creative list reviews floating in the book blogosphere so there’s an idea in that, too.

    I definitely understand when you lose your mojo for blogging. I’ve been rowing that boat this 2021 — my blog’s archives tell their own tales if you look at where I was in 2020 vs 2021. Despite the hurdles, I always fight to get back into reading as it gives me such a solace of peace and restoration — audiobooks right now are rockin’ my bookish life especially for Middle Grade Fantasy and I have such an eclectic mix of stories to read throughout Wyrd And Wonder, I think I might pull myself fully out of my funk this year. Mostly though it was my health that derailed me and starting to work for the first time in a long time back in February. It was a hard switch after being my Dad’s caregiver for five years — so if anyone ‘gets’ how you lose interest in blogging, trust me I’ve burnt out a lot over the years.

    Looking over your TBR – the stories I read in Fantasy might be a bit too tame for you? I’d not really a hardcore Fantasy reader in this sphere of Fantasy as I shy away from a lot of the harder and more violent Fantasy stories — but maybe something I read will interest you. If not, I’ll help encourage you along if you tweet your updates and/or offer mini-reviews or reading updates on your blog. If you want, tag me directly along with the event and I’ll swing by faster than I might otherwise.

    Just have fun. That’s what counts the most. Even if you don’t finish a book – just take the pressure off and let yourself read as much or as little as you can handle right now.


    1. Middle grade fantasy is one of the true highlights of my life. I love it so much. I feel like I missed out on all the good stuff when I was a kid. I’m going to check out what you are reading and see if there are any I need to add to my tbr.

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      1. I’m not even sure if they published as much Middle Grade & YA Fantasy when I was growing up — some books fell into those categories for me and one I pursued getting second hand as I only had the first novel as a kid but not the sequel and third of the trilogy. Interestingly I wanted to re-read that series for Wyrd And Wonder but I’ve misplaced which box all 3x books are in and had to postpone those plans. *le sigh*

        I started reading MG & YA stories again to inspire my nieces and nephews but it turnt out I was the one who was inspired more by those readings! I just really gravitate towards these authors and I love celebrating the stories that give me such a world of wonder and joy to read. I’m thankful you’ve shared this with me as usually not a lot of people tell me they enjoy these as much as I do myself. Can’t wait to see which ones I’m reading this year will become part of your own TBR!


  3. I hope you manage to catch up with reviews. I spent most of last year with 16 pending reviews (no matter how much I caught up I always ended up with 16 left). Did a big push over the holidays and been keeping a steady and much more manageable 4-5 to go since then.


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