Our 10 family favourite Sci-fi movies.

In celebration of sci-fi month I wanted to highlight a couple of movies that we love watching as a family. Our youngest is 7, so they are all mostly animated fun.

Big Hero 6 – This is straight up one of my most favourite kids movies. It’s a must watch. Found family, super hero adventures, it has the ability to make you laugh one second and then cry the next. It’s also incredibly quotable.

Megamind – This one is criminally underrated. It’s hilarious. Will Ferrell is gold. What happens when the big-headed villain wins the day?

Monsters vs Aliens – I like this, most of the others don’t though. It’s funny.

Space Chimps – The 7yr old loves this one way to much.

Next Gen – One of the best movies ever. MoMo is the best animal sidekick.

Wall-E – I don’t love this one, but the kids do.

Pixels – This is currently on repeat in our house. Yes I watch it every time. Adam Sandler and his pals are bloody funny.

Home – Cute and quirky.

Robots – Robin Williams is a freaking genius in this. It’s one that we always go back and watch. Lots of toilet humour and good vs evil.

Astro Boy – This is another that gets watched a lot and has quite a few well know actresses.

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