White Trash Warlock by David R. Slayton

White trash Warlock by David R. SlaytonAdam Lee Binder is everything his brother, Robert hates. Robert had him committed as a teen and washed his hands, He was done. But when Robert’s wife starts acting strange and he begins getting glimpses of something other, he realises that maybe Adam wasn’t crazy and he desperately needs his help.

Adam is busy hunting a warlock, he lives with his aunt in a trailer and he is getting by okay. Yet when the message comes from his brother he feels compelled to help. But nothing is as easy as it seems, all the magicians in Denver are dead, there is a giant spirit siphoning the life out of its inhabitants and it’s decided Adam is next. He is going to have to make a deal with someone much stronger than him if he wants to get out of this alive.

White Trash Warlock kept me guessing right up to the very end. Adam grew up poor, in a trashy area, in a violent home until his dad up and left when he was still little. He never really had a good chance to move up in the world. Being committed at such a young age tends to mess with your employment opportunities. Adam has magic, his mum and brother refused to acknowledge it and the lack of communication pretty much spelled the end of their relationships.

Adam is a wonderful character, he is unsure of himself and doesn’t let people near.

The development of Adams relationship with his brother and mother was really well done. They are two of the most unlikeable characters I have ever come across and I refuse to forgive. Their mother is useless. I think I came out disliking her the most and their were a couple of really shitty characters. Neither deserves Adam.

Throughout the story we meet many magic filled creatures, elves, dwarves, even leprechauns. Each brought their own history and added more layers of kickassness to the story. It all blended together to give us a rich, magic filled world. A place where nothing is as it seems. Slayton does a wonderful job of making you feel the overwhelming oppressive force of the spirit.

To save his sister-in-law, Annie, Adam walks between his world and the other-side, he is forced to confront his feelings about his past, his first love and finally the fact that maybe he doesn’t have to hide who he is. He can love who he chooses and he doesn’t have to hide it, because fuck his family and everyone else.

White Trash Warlock is an easy urban fantasy that sucks you in and keeps you coming back for more. The story felt fresh. The characters were well written and the atmosphere of the story was suitably bleak and dark, with little rays of sunshine throughout. A great way to spend a couple of hours.

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TitleWhite Trash Warlock  Author – David R. Slayton  Released – 13th October 2020  Publisher – Blackstone Publishing

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