5 Favourite Self-Published Authors

I do love an opportunity to shout about my favourite authors, so there is a good chance you have seen me mention these five before but I figured Self-published fantasy month was a great opportunity to do so again.

Rob J. Hayes has a large backlist of books and is releasing new work at a phenomenal pace. The quality is second to none. From the cover, to the characters, to the intricate plots, Hayes keeps everything fresh. He builds amazing atmosphere into his stories, there is always a brutal undercurrent throughout and his female characters are some of my favourite ever. Hayes won the 3rd SPFBO with his book Where Loyalties Lie.

Reviews – Along The Razor’s EdgeNever DieCity of Kings

Ben Galley, damn this man can write. His characters are always brilliant. The character growth in each book of his I’ve read is always standout. I always get completely wrapped up in his worlds. I think I own an ebook version of each of his books and I plan on slowly collecting paperback versions.

Reviews – The heart of StoneShards

Timandra Whitecastle is the queen of dark, gritty fantasy. She writes hard-hitting characters, intriguing magic and harsh, bleak worlds. It’s my very favourite flavour of fantasy. At it’s core her stories are about family, blood and found, and what you would do to keep them safe.

Review – Touch of Iron

Quenby Olson is an author I only recently discovered. If you are after kickass historical fantasy in the victorian era, she is the author for you. I’ve only read a few, but I have a heap of others sitting on my kindle waiting for me to get to them.

I’ve only read one book by M.L. Wang but she is firmly in my favourite author list. The Sword of Kaigen is a masterpiece. She entwines family drama, magic and Japanese culture into a heart-wrenching, edge of your seat ride, that will have you reaching for the tissues. SPFBO Winner in 2019.

The sword of kaigen by M.L Wang



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  1. I’m really looking forward to reading some of Quenby Olson’s books, tgey sound great. I loved Whitecastle’s Queens of the Wyrd but haven’t tried her darker stuff

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