Snowed In by Navessa Allen

Snowed In by Navessa AllenWhen Ben walks into Ella’s life she turns on the charm and tries to bring him out of his shell. But Ben isn’t just an ordinary guy, he is a man who had his world turned upside down when his brother died suddenly from a brain injury. Ben has left his football career and is now an advocate, with many secrets. He has retreated to this corner of Maine to take some time for himself and the last thing he expected was to meet someone like Ella. A woman who faces life with humour, who is passionate and loves dogs a crazy amount. Just as the walls are coming down, life throws them both a curveball that they may not be able to make it past.

Snowed In tries to be a lot of things and it tries to hit some heavy subjects which I have absolutely no problem with. Unfortunately I don’t think it was executed well at all. There were so many random info drops that it felt like you were reading straight from a textbook. I loved that the author wanted to shine a light on so many issues that are facing society today, I loved that they so obviously weren’t afraid of putting their opinion out there, it was just too much in such a small story.

The author made sure they filled the story with a wonderful range of diverse characters, with a diverse range of issues, unfortunately there were so many shoved into the story that we didn’t even get to scratch the surface with anyone. All we got to see was our mc’s reaction to them all and her ability to treat everyone, no matter their issues, with a perfect response.  I was a massive fan of the mental health themes throughout, it was so refreshing to see a man able to open up and be vulnerable. I also liked the coverage of brain injuries in sport themes and the long term damage that can and does occur. It brought a lot of depth to the story. I 100% admit there was more than one scene in which I sobbed.

I really enjoyed the romance and I do like what I think the author was trying to do, I just think it needed more work. The romance between Ella and Ben plus Ella’s amazing commitment to her family, Ben and finally herself was my favourite part. The sexual tension pretty great. Oh and the dogs, seriously, the characters love of dogs is bloody great, I laughed out loud quite a few times at the way they talked to the dogs. I also wonder if the author has a “Willow” in her life.

If you are after a romance that is sweet, cute, incredibly relevant, well researched and touching, this could be for you.

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TitleSnowed in   Author -Navessa Allen  Released – 9th June 2020

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