The Empyrean Gate (Part 1) by Z. Rockward

Getting the readers attention within the first couple of paragraphs is pretty important. For me as a reader, I love nothing more than reading an intriguing, high stakes intro. And with a banging first paragraph The Empyrean Gate caught my attention, shocked me and had me re-reading the synopsis to see what exactly I was in for.

The Empyrean Gate part 1 by Z RockwardThis book was the oldest on my NetGalley backlist (yes, I’m shit, I know), and I had no idea what I was going to be reading. In fact, I have been starting book after book trying to find something that would hold my interest. I have finished a couple of books recently, but there have been quite a few others that I have got to 50% on and put down.

The Empyrean Gate starts with high stakes, what could be more important than bringing that orgasm to fruition, and continues with space rescues, explosions, stellar world building and technology.

Yona is minding her own business sorting junk on a trash satellite when Liam comes hurtling into her orbit. After a very close call and a heap of sexual tension, Yona is recruited to work with Liam and bring the terrorist, Kin, to justice. But this is personal for Liam and he doesn’t want her to get in his way.

Yona and Liam are great characters and the sexual tension is off the Richter scales, seriously turn up the aircon, cause it gets hot in here. There is a particular scene in a pool and let me just say, WOW.

Liam is after the man responsible for killing his dad and ruining Earths chances of meeting the Empyrean people, he is a bit of a hot head and he is used to getting what he wants. He seems to have a good heart and I look forward to seeing what direction his character heads in. Yona is an absolute treat. She has spent a long time learning to do things for her reasons and not to please others, and she shows us how much she has grown as a person.

I didn’t pay attention to the Part 1 written on the cover so the abrupt ending left me hanging for more. It’s the ultimate cliff-hanger. It’s a 4 part story, so I don’t even know if it can be considered a cliff-hanger, but I did spend time after I finished it trying to find part 2. I’m still unsure when the next part is coming as I can’t find any mention of it on Twitter or Goodreads.

If you want a sexy space story to keep you busy for an hour or so, then this is definitely for you.

Get a copy on:  AMAZON

Title: The Empyrean Gate (Part 1)  –  Author:  Z Rockward  –  Released: 28th November 2017


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