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In June I’m going to be participating in a reading challenge inspired by the Percy Jackson series. The Olympic Games is a fun way to come up with a TBR for the month and distract myself from all the reviews I have yet to write up. I have serious reviewers block and a serious backlog of reviews that need to be written up. Anyway, this challenge has been created by ISHI and if you click her name it will take you to her video. She is joined by a team of hosts and the challenge can take place across all platforms. The effort that has gone into the set up of this is amazing.

How does the challenge work? You take the quiz to determine your cabin and then follow the reading prompts for the god your representing. There are 5 prompts for each god and once those are completed you have the option of completing the advanced prompts.

I love a good quiz I have been known to spend hours doing those ridiculous Buzzfeed things on fb. So I jumped in and it tells me I’m in Artemis’s cabin. It was an internet quiz so I’m not going to argue, but lets face it, the only thing I have in common with that lot are lady parts. It would be awesome to be that kick arse though.

My mandatory prompts and TBR

Read a book that takes place in the Wilderness – The book of Koli by M.R Carey.

Read a book while the moon is up – This one just means you have to read the entire book at night. I’m going to take advantage of the freedom of that and choose a NetGalley book, Mayhem by Estelle Laure.

Read a book featuring a rescue mission – Abduction by Alan Baxter

Read a book featuring an animal – The Storm Crowby Kalyn Josephson

Complete a prompt that honours Apollo (Read a book that starts with the letter A) – Ashes of the Sun by Django Wexler. Crossing another NetGalley book of my list with this one.

My advanced prompts and TBR

Archery (a book shorter than 200 pages) – Batman: Life After Death by Tony S. Daniel (I’ve been told I can read this without having read any other batman comic.)

Monster Fighting (A book featuring magical creatures) – The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter

Capture the flag (One of your most anticipated reads) –The Consuming Fire by John Scalzi

All up that puts 8 books on my TBR. It’s doable and if I’m extra motivated I will start on the other advanced prompts.

If you decide to join in let me know and follow the Twitter and Instagram pages as well.

Happy reading.

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