Story Magic by Laurel Gale

Story magic by Laurel GaleIn a world where females are banned from telling stories and stories are never told for entertainment, we have the Listeners. If they are told a story and they like it they can help you with magic. 12 year old Kaya knows that she isn’t to tell stories or something bad will happen, but after feeling the tingle on her neck telling her a Listener is nearby, she takes a breath and shares a story. The Listener repays her story with a little bit of magic. But when her brother is taken to a nearby city to be interrogated, she knows deep down that this is her fault and that she must do everything she can to save him.

Story Magic was a book full of wonder, beauty and magic. I sat down and read the whole thing in one sitting. Kaya is a fantastic character, she has spent so long believing she isn’t capable, watching her blossom and see the outside world was wonderful. She is full of hope, intelligence and kindness. Her strength isn’t that she can fight or pick up heavy things, it’s that she keeps moving forward, she never lets her hope die. Even in the darkest of times it burns bright and pushes her forward.

I love that Story Magic doesn’t shy away from the dark nature of people, it’s all there for readers to see. While the book isn’t particularly in-depth and the ending wraps up a little to nicely for my personal taste, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Story Magic is an engaging, magical read, that made my heart smile.

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Title – Story Magic

Author – Laurel Gale

Released – 4th August 2020 (Due to Covid, release has been pushed back to 27th October 2020)

Publisher –Jolly Fish Press

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