Stacking The Shelves

A weekly post where I can brag about my new books? Yes please. Granted I definitely won’t have something to post every week, I’ll just do it as required. I will be including everything from my purchases, to NetGalley, gifts and books from authors.
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Stacking the shelves Picture - Saturday meme

I really suck at not buying books. I want to say that in my defence I’ve read a substantial amount that were on my last Stacking the Shelves post, but even if I hadn’t I would have ended up with more books. Plus I love bargains. These are from the last month, so it’s not that bad.

Physical books:
The Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski – I watched the first four episodes of the show and thought it was epic. I have yet to finish the show, but I can read the books now. I already had The Last Wish, so over a couple of weeks I grabbed most of the others.

The Unspoken Name by A.K. Larkwood – Sometimes my local Big W stocks fantasy that I can’t wait for and it would be a crime to go leave them there. I’m 100 or so pages in and the writing is beautiful.

The Wolf of Oren-Yaro by K.S Villoso – The hype got to me with this one. Plus you can’t go past a series titled Chronicles of the Bitch Queen.

The First of Shadows by Deck Matthews – I saw Jason’s review and decided I needed to give it a whirl. It was a quick, enjoyable read. Hopefully I’ll get a review up sometime soon.

The Iron Crown by M.A. Grant – I really enjoyed book one (REVIEW) and I’m halfway through book two at the moment. I didn’t think my request would be accepted but lucky for me it was.

The Iron Crown by M.A. Grant

What did you pick up this month? Have you read any of these?



3 thoughts on “Stacking The Shelves”

  1. The Wolf of Oren-Yaro is on my list for this month, and glad to hear you’re enjoying The Unspoken Name! The intro of that book is gorgeous, I agree! The tone of the story changes in the second part though, so I’m curious to hear your thoughts when you’re done 🙂

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