Friday Face Off

The Friday Face Off meme was created by Books by Proxy and its an awesome opportunity to feature some cool cover art. All you have to do is choose a book cover that relates to the theme, which can be found over on Lynn’s page, post some covers and select your favourite.

This wasn’t as easy as I expected because I wanted it to be book I’d read or that is currently sitting on my TBR. It seems I don’t own many books with puffy dresses on the cover.

Meringue – the puffy dress

There were only three different covers for this book. The other two that were options for this week only had two.

The paperback and the kindle have different background colours with a different pose, but otherwise they are almost identical. The paperback wins out of those two. On the other hand the German edition is completely different and not really inline with the actual topic, but it’s really cute. I like it, so I select that one as winner of the day.

Which do you prefer?

4 thoughts on “Friday Face Off”

  1. I like your choice – I’m using a lot of more uptodate books at the moment and so they don’t have as many covers either. Out of the two very similar covers I like the one with the black background, it feels more snappy than the blue. I like your favourite though – it’s so very different in every way.
    Lynn 😀

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