Self-Published Fantasy Month

It’s back, and I’m almost prepared. This month long celebration of self-published fantasy began last year and I was super excited but a reading slump hit me in the face right as September started. Fingers crossed for a better attempt this year. A big thanks to Jason over at Off The TBR for coming up with it. Head over to his blog to see what he has planned.

My reading of and love for self-published fantasy has grown over the last year and I think it is very much due to my excessive use of Twitter and having such a great list of book peeps that I can stalk for recommendations. So I wanted to share a few of them with you.

Jason his link is above, Timy at RockStarlit Book Asylum, NilsLiamKierstenBethScarlett, Petrik, Drew and Emma. They are just some of the reviewers I look to when I want to branch out into new territory, there are so many more, but my laptop is being a pain in the arse so I’m stopping here.

Will I read any new books this month? I honestly don’t know, but I do have so many books that I need to review. I’m so behind. My brain shut down recently so I haven’t gotten a lot of book related stuff done.

I have a review ready to go, and a couple of tag type post done. Anything else will be an absolute win. Here are some pretty covers that you might see more of in September. If you join in the fun let me know.


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