Stacking the Shelves

A weekly post where I can brag about my new books? Yes please. Granted I definitely won’t have something to post every week, I’ll just do it as required. I will be including everything from my purchases, to NetGalley, gifts and books from authors.
For more information head over to Tynga’s Reviews

Stacking the shelves Picture - Saturday meme

I may of accidentally had a clicking spree on NetGalley and found a couple of total bargains.

Physical books
The Mirror Empire  Kameron Hurley
The Core by Peter V. Brett

Silverlegs 1: Seeds of Rage Camilla Monk
The Marked Prince by M.A Grant
Refraction by Naomi Hughes
Three Days Till Dawn (Antiquity’s Gate) by R.F Hurteau

It was a small haul and I’ve already finished Silverlegs, so will have a review up this week hopefully. Which cover is the best out of these? I love the Three Days Till Dawn cover. Did you pick anything up recently?


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