The Traitor God by Cameron Johnston

A Review

“I had many failings, but knowing when to run wasn’t one of them.”

The Traitor God by Cameron JohnstonEdrin Walker has been on the move for 10 years, hounded by daemons, needing to keep a clamp on the magic bubbling inside. Drinking himself silly and finding comfort when he was able to pay for it, he was willing to continue his exile to keep his friends safe. But when he feels his dearest friends’ death through their bond, he knows it’s time to go home to Setharis, it’s time to remove the meek merchant mask and make those responsible pay. He will find out why Lynas was killed or burn everyone who gets in his way.

Setharis is a shadow of it’s former self. The gods have disappeared, the Arcanum are sitting on their hands and there is a killer on the loose. Walker is shocked to find his beloved city so beaten down.
The city is a place of haves and have nots. If you have magic you’re important, if you have money you’re important and if you have both, well even better for you.
Walker didn’t come from money, but he has magic. A type that makes people whisper and turn away in fear. He is a tyrant, he can worm his way into your mind, take control and see all your secrets. He does his best not to use his magic, he tries to avoid killing and being a dickhead, but he is good at being a dickhead. One might even say it’s what he does best.

I liked The Traitor God. The world, the magic and the characters, they were all really well put together. While majority of the story takes place in Setharis, we get glimpses into the vast history of the world and other lands through Walker. I wouldn’t call it info dumping, Walker is just a chronic over thinker. He is someone who struggles with himself and his choices so his brain is always going. He is constantly questioning himself and his intentions. Because the story is told through Walker we get a front row seat to his struggles and triumphs. We also witness just how hard it is for him to keep his mouth shut, he is a pain in the ass who has an almost compulsive need to get the last sarcastic word in. It puts his life in danger often. I like it.

The magic system is great. There are many types of magics, people tend to have a strong affinity for one thing and as they get older and with training they can extend their skills in different ways. Affinity for fire, water, air and rock are common, illusion, healing aren’t as common but least common is mind magic, which is Walker’s. The Magus live above the common people, quite literally; running the day to day care of the city. They don’t mix or keep up with current affairs unless it affects them. So when people start dying and others go missing, they don’t pay much attention. And when they do need to get involved they have no idea how, they are willing to sacrifice thousands to keep themselves safe.

But Magus Edrin Walker hasn’t lived a comfy life above others. He sees the people as individuals, as important. The man that everyone fears has more heart in him than he ever let anyone see. So when the people are dying and going missing he does his best to do something about it. This hated man, will become the cities only hope. He will find the person who killed his best friend Lynas and he will crush them and in the process, he just may save the city.

You can pick up your own copy of The Traitor God from – AmazonBook DepositoryBooktopia

Title – The Traitor God (Age of Tyranny)
Author – Cameron Johnston
Released – 5th June 2018
Publisher – Angry Robot

Note – Book two, God of Broken Things is due for release on 11th June 2019. I have an e-arc and wow. I’m currently reading it and any issues I had with book one, aren’t in book two. I’m loving it so far.

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