Dawn of the Exile by Mitchell Hogan

A quick review

All pain left marks. But only the size of the scar and how you lived with it mattered.

Dawn of the exileTo say I was excited when I realised Dawn of the Exile was up on NetGalley would be an understatement. I whooped a bit and jumped straight in. You see, while I didn’t think book 1, Shadow of Exile, was perfect, I really enjoyed Tarrik. He is a great character. My review can be found HERE. He is a demon, stuck in exile, guilty of staying in the human world and loving a human woman. He is an upper level demon and past all the chaos that the younger demons bring with them. He is brave, strong, smart and he feels everything more acutely than humans.

In the beginning of Dawn of the Exile, Tarrik is dealing with the fallout of the last time he was summoned. He escapes death only to be summoned back into the human world by a very angry and vindictive sorcerer. Once again he is bound, forced into service and in a fight for his life.

I wish I could say I loved this book. I wish I could say I really liked it even, unfortunately, this one just didn’t come together for me.
I still love everything about Tarrik, he has more of a sense of right and wrong than any of the humans in the book. If there was ever a character observing how wrong the world was, how unjust it all seemed, it was Tarrik. All of the human characters were so wrapped up in their own thing, they only saw the world in the way it could benefit them. I guess that is a common theme in fantasy nowadays. Usually the biggest monsters are the humans.
Because Tarrik spent more time in the demon realms, we were given an insight into their ways, the power plays, the landscape. I’m pretty positive book 3 will have even more information about this, which is a positive.

I didn’t love the way the story flowed. There were some passages where I thought the writing was fantastic.

There was an unmistakable aura about a prison cell, one Tarrik had felt enough to recognize. A blind man could sense it, though he wouldn’t be able to see the stains, the old blood and waste. A deaf man could, though he wouldn’t hear the pleas and cries of the inhabitants, the rattle of chains. It was an atmosphere of hopelessness.

In others it seemed over written and repetitive. Information was given in large chunks on one page just so a nugget of it could be used on the next page again. This happened quite a few times and it pulled me out of the story. The way the characters moved from one situation to the next was also jarring, I feel like a lot of the book was just skimming over the important stuff.

Being the second book in the series, I don’t want to say too much about the plot, it would all be spoilerish. I will say it had that second book feel. We only have this story to find out who the real enemy is. I guess in saying that it has done a great job of setting up for book 3, I just don’t know if I want to read it. I want more Tarrik, but there are a few others that I don’t need to read about anymore, for I know that they always have the answers. They can always get out of trouble because they are so special and better than every one else. They will always be selfish, standoffish and hold information from people so that they can control them. And they might just use their magic to rape minds again, which I’m not up for. At one point I put the book down and walked away because it made me so angry.

I feel like an asshole for not liking this one, and I hope you check out other reviews as well to see if it might be for you, because I checked on Goodreads; I’m in the minority so far. It has glowing reviews.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Title: Dawn of the Exile (The Infernal Guardian #2)
Author: Mitchell Hogan
Released: 12th March 2019
Publisher: 47North

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