Addict by Matt Doyle

Spoiler – I don’t love this one

IMG_5347Book 1 in the Cassie Tan files, Addict, jumps straight into Cassie’s world. She is a private investigator who is approached by Lori whose brother has died. The police have written it off as an overdose but Lori refuses to believe this is true. Her brother didn’t do drugs and she needs Cassie to look into it for her. Cassie accepts thinking it will be easy money, but in a world this corrupt, not everything is as it seems.

I read this last month and haven’t had much luck trying to come up with a review. I hate to say it but I felt like this book dragged. There was no substance and the inner monologuing went on for pages and was nothing more than an attempt to hide the info dumps that were happening. The way the story was told did nothing for me. As tension would start to build, we had a two page monologue thrown at us and the story lost all traction.

The world and technological side of the story was somewhat interesting, but again, I thought it was all glossed over. It had a very tech punk vibe which was cool, I just didn’t come out of the book understanding it all. There was the possibility of real emotion being introduced here, but the way everything was turned into a joke or innuendo made that aspect of the story feel shallow.

Speaking of shallow, Cass and Lori spent the entire story flirting with each other, the book was full of sexual innuendos, which is fine, but I’m not sure how I’m meant to take anything that is said seriously when that’s all they do. Once again, I found the characters shallow. I’m sure there was a dead brother’s death that needed to be investigated, a conspiracy in the police force, and assassins. Did they forget about that?

And speaking of assassins, lets just go knock on his door and ask him if he killed the victim shall we, because he doesn’t lie. He will tell you the truth and then call the police and complain about you harassing him. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?

I’m going to stop now, because it turns out I forgot how much this book frustrated me. It’s a futuristic, mystery with lots of interesting technology, so if that sounds like your thing, give it a whirl. I checked the ratings on Goodreads and I’m 100% the odd person out.

I recieved a copy of Addict from the publisher via NetGalley.

Title: Addict
Author: Matt Doyle
Released: 8th May 2017
Publisher: NineStar Press

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