24in48 Readathon wrap up

24in48_v2-03_full-colorIt’s the end of the 24in48 Readathon. For more info and dates for the next one make sure you check out 24in48.com.
My goal was 12hrs and 3 books.

I ended up reading for 14hrs which I was more than happy with. I was in and out Saturday and didn’t actually feel like reading Sunday, so I count my total as a WIN. I also made it through three books. They were all books that I picked up at Supernova 2018 and they were all Australian authors.

I enjoyed dedicating the weekend to reading. I normally only read at night, but I managed a couple of hours during the day as well.
I’m definitely going to have another go at the readathon in July.

8 thoughts on “24in48 Readathon wrap up”

    1. I totally get where your coming from, it was a struggle. I was lucky, the kiddo was home so I was more than happy to put my books down and do stuff with him. I was completely over it by Sunday and didn’t pick up a book until late arvo. Luckily I chose books that were easy to read.

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