December Wrap Up

The month ebooks went on sale and I overindulged.

It’s not my fault. There were just so many books that were either 99c or $1.99 that I clicked on a few to many. I did pick up a few for free as well which was awesome. I think what I find most exciting is that a chunk of them are self published. I’m not setting any major book related goals for 2019, but if I was, reading more self published books would definitely be one of them. Since joining Twitter and the bookish community over on Instagram I’ve found some amazing people whose recommendations are always bang on, I’ve come across amazing authors who do unreal work getting their books out without a publisher, and the bloggers who are such massive advocates for self published books, that I have found myself wanting to read more and when I love it, I like to shove them in peoples faces.

So I thought I would share the ones I grabbed this month.

My Mum grabbed me a couple of books for Christmas, that I’m really excited about.

Plus the 10th anniversary edition of The Hero Of Ages by Brandon Sanderson,

From NetGalley


These books alone are going to be enough to keep me busy for the first 6 months of 2019, So while I’m hoping to order the last couple of Lila Bowen books, Rob J. Hayes collection and Bound by Mark Lawrence in January, that will be me until Holy sister comes out. Oh except for my book club books, I’ll need to get them too. But other than that, I must read what I have….

I even managed to read a few books this month around the holiday madness
The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds by Brandon Sanderson
Never Die by Rob J. Hayes (RTC)
Killing Adam by Earik BeannĀ (Review)
Demon’s Mercy by Rebecca Zanetti (RTC)

Currently Reading
The Outcast Hours
Wake Of Vultures by Lila Bowen

And that is my December wrap up. I’m looking forward to all of the amazing reading 2019 has to bring.

Happy reading.

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