All I want for Christmas is books, and more books

I hope you sang that, because I did as I was typing. This is going to be as simple as it sounds. A few books I hope to find under the Christmas tree. I know my Mum has gotten me a couple of books, but other than that, I’m not expecting anything. I didn’t give my husband a list this year.
I thought I would give him a break from my incessant screeching “I want this book, and this, oh and I HAVE to have this one” and the common “I know I already have 2 editions of that book, but I NEED the special editions”.
So if by some Christmas miracle I have any under my tree and they happen to be these, expect some fangirl flailing.

1. Sadie by Courtney Summers
2. The Armored Saint by Myke Cole
3. Legion: The many Lives of Stephen Leeds By Brandon Sanderson
4. King Of Assassins by R.J Barker
5. Anything by Kameron Hurley, I’ve only read a short story so I would love to dive into more of her work.
6. The Shadow series by Lila Bowen

Of course there are plenty more, but these are a lot harder to get or more expensive than some of the others, so they aren’t ones I can sneak into the budget or house when my husband isn’t looking. (Hi, husband, if you have left your run to the last-minute, read the above lol)

What are you hoping to find under your christmas tree?

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