Killing Adam by Earik Beann

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“The greatest scientific discovery of the twenty-first century happened on a warm summer day in June. Like so many other discoveries that changed the course of human civilization, it happened quite by accident.”

Killing AdamSynopsis –
The world runs on ARCs. Altered Reality Chips. Small implants behind the left ear that allow people to experience anything they could ever imagine. The network controls everything, from traffic, to food production, to law enforcement. Some proclaim it a Golden Age of humanity. Others have begun to see the cracks. Few realize that behind it all, living within every brain and able to control all aspects of society, there exists a being with an agenda all his own: the singularity called Adam, who believes he is God.
Jimmy Mahoney’s brain can’t accept an ARC. Not since his football injury from the days when the league was still offline. “ARC-incompatible” is what the doctors told him. Worse than being blind and deaf, he is a man struggling to cling to what’s left of a society that he is no longer a part of. His wife spends twenty-three hours a day online, only coming off when her chip forcibly disconnects her so she can eat. Others are worse. Many have died, unwilling or unable to log off to take care of even their most basic needs.

Killing Adam isn’t a long book at only 224 pages, yet it is filled to the brim with action.
Jimmy is stuck in a dreary rut. His wife has no interest in him, his best friend is about to get his own chip and all Jimmy has left are the others that visit his group for people without an ARC. Those that can’t connect to the ARC, can no longer work, they are considered disabled. They are paid a measly amount to live on. In just five years the ARC’s have made Jimmy obsolete. That all changes when Trixie comes into his life like a force of nature and tells him he could be the key to bringing Adam down and connecting with his wife again. What ensues is a game of cat and mouse, with Jimmy and Trixie trying to keep out of Adam’s grasp. But that’s a bit hard when Adam controls every person with an ARC.

I loved how fast paced Killing Adam was. I smashed through it in a couple of hours. For the most part it kept me interested and it wasn’t hard to understand. Sci-fi and I have a very love/hate relationship. I love it, or I want to, but some sci-fi is to hardcore and I have trouble understanding what the hell is going on. I was able to keep up with the story and the what, hows and whys.
I liked the characters. The isolation Jimmy feels due to technology taking over was well done. This story just reiterates my thoughts about technology and Artificial intelligence. We are going to get ourselves killed.
My major issue with this was the last quarter. It felt like it lacked substance. Everything was just glossed over and to be honest the most memorable thing about the ending was that I can’t remember how it ended and I read it less than a week ago.

Killing Adam is definitely worth a look, just not the best sci-fi I’ve read.

I received a copy of Killing Adam via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

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Title – Killing Adam
Author – Earik Beann
Released – 1 January 2019
Publisher – Profoundly One Publishing

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