Twice Dead by Caitlin Seal

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Does anyone else read a title and automatically think they know what a book is about? I have recently learnt I do this often and I’m usually wrong. This book is not an urban fantasy about vampires. There are no vampires. It’s full blown fantasy.
It does have undead, necromancers, political intrigue, and a touch of romance on the side.

IMG_4776Synopsis –
Naya, the daughter of a sea merchant captain, nervously undertakes her first solo trading mission in the necromancer-friendly country bordering her homeland of Talmir. Unfortunately, she never even makes it to the meeting. She’s struck down in the streets of Ceramor. Murdered.
But death is not the end for Naya. She awakens to realize she’s become an abomination–a wraith, a ghostly creature bound by runes to the bones of her former corpse. She’s been resurrected in order to become a spy for her country. Reluctantly, she assumes the face and persona of a servant girl named Blue.
She never intended to become embroiled in political plots, kidnapping, and murder. Or to fall in love with the young man and former necromancer she is destined to betray.

I loved the magic in this, the idea that the dead can be brought back and be themselves, not an evil reanimated corpse like you might expect, but functioning, themselves.
The writing wasn’t bad and the story had a lot of promise, my issue was with the mc, Naya, and just how naive she was. She was also judgemental, racist and pretty sure of her own superiority.

“If she was using him, it was only because she had to. Lucia and Corten were Ceramoran. They couldn’t see the dangers. Corten insisted that King Allence wasn’t like his father and only wanted peace. But her murderer hadn’t wanted peace.”

It’s understandable that when you are raised to believe only one thing about someone else, you go with that, but I think because it made such an obvious story arc, I found it annoying. Naya was so busy looking down at everyone and everything, that she missed everything going on around her. All she had to do was look up and around once and she might have seen what was going on.
Plus, Naya was on her mission, she believed fully in what she was doing, she had been groomed to fear these people, so when her beliefs were thrown up in the air I just didn’t believe her reactions. I just don’t think her 180 was executed well.

There was a lot of cool things happening, the necromancy, the political intrigue, the romance, but I couldn’t really get passed the MC and her self righteous ways. I really liked Corten though. He was such a nice guy. If i’m going to be completely honest, I couldn’t remember whether or not I had finished the book. I hadn’t marked it on Goodreads, so I had to have a look at the end. That’s probably not a good sign.

I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Title – Twice Dead
Author – Caitlin Seal
Released – 18th August 2018
Publisher – Charlesbridge Teen

Get your own copy – Amazon

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  1. Ha, yes, I misjudge books all the time. But that’s why it’s so important for the cover to not just look pretty but to also accurately portray the book! Anyway, the necromancy in this sounds really interesting, but I feel like I’ve seen other reviewers also complain about the MC :-/ Still, glad it had some cool stuff at least!

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