Beyond Meridian by C.C Bridges

A mini review

Beyond MeridianMy first m/m romance, this was a quick, easy read. Beyond Meridian is under 100 pages, but it is crammed full of action, adventure, romance and sexy time.

Karl needs a ride into enemy territory, word has it that Captain Raine is his best bet. Captain Raine knows that Karl isn’t telling him the whole truth, but he can’t turn down the money. Together they run illegal goods, battle space pirates and their feelings for each other all while trying to save the person who Karl owes his life to.

Raine had a total Han Solo feel to him, he was gruff and handsome. Karl was sweet, endearing. You know exactly how the plot will play out, but it was well written and fun so you don’t mind. By having it set in space, it makes it even more fun. The planets, the different people and the ongoing war are all in the background of the story, there is a lot of room for more books in this universe, even longer fleshed out ones if the author chose to go that route.

This is a re-release and the first in a series, so I’m assuming the next two will also be re-released as well.

I received this e-arc from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Title – Beyond Meridian
Author – C.C Bridges
Publisher – NineStar Press
Released – 3 September 2018

Pick up your own copy – Amazon

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