Broken by Sasha Marshall

A review

The Guitar Face series is being rereleased by Bell Bridge Books starting with Book 1, Broken.

“What? Fuck, knock boots, shag, bang, bump uglies, screw, do the deed, make whoopee, get dirty, get it on, pork, bone, smash guts, play hide the salami, ride the bologna pony, hanky panky, or get balls-deep?”

BrokenWho would have thought that a contemporary romance was exactly what I needed right now. Not any contemporary romance though; Just this book. Broken has everything I enjoy in a romance. Plus it was about musicians. Hello…. Sasha Marshall…. Thank you for writing my ultimate wish fulfilment book. It’s like she dipped into younger Maxine’s brain and took out all my favourite things.

Henley Hendrix is a rock goddess, women want to be her and men want to fuck her. She is slaying the music scene with her band Abandoned Shadow. She rose to fame as a guitar prodigy and while she came from music royalty, she has earned her position. Along with best friend Caleb she has been touring since she was 16. She is close with her family and friends and headlines tours with her brothers band, Broken Access.
Everything changes one night when Caleb and Henley are in a horrific car accident. For four years she hides from the world until her brother, Koi, and his band mates Jagger, Kip and Cam ask her to be their photographer on tour and she goes back on the road. Not quite herself, but more so than in a long while.

Maybe its because I always wanted to be a rock star (I’ve never even tried to play an instrument though haha) but this book had me completely sucked in from the first page. The fact that it’s Henley’s story and not one of the boys just pulled me in even more. This book wrapped it’s pages around my heart. I laughed my arse off, I cried buckets full of tears and I couldn’t get enough. I have been fangirling over this book for the last 24 hours. As soon as I finished it, I jumped onto Amazon to grab the rest of the series… If you guessed that I can’t get them as they haven’t been rereleased yet, you are right. Fucking devastated.

This does follow a similar formula to a lot of other romance books, but it still had me engaged. The writing and the detail to the music lifestyle was awesome. The use of social media articles was fantastic and really showed just how fucked up the media can be, how people lie and use just to get a story. When tragedy happens a lot of media outlets forget about the people involved they want people watching, they will show a smashed up car and people grieving just to try to get viewers. Just because a person is famous apparently it means they don’t get any privacy, they aren’t allowed to be people.

Henley as a main character was a breath of fresh air. How fantastic is it to have a female character completely comfortable with her body, a woman who is comfortable having sex with whomever she wants, whenever she wants. Completely unapologetic. It is so fucking refreshing to have an author break the “guy is super experienced, yet the girl is a virgin, or has only slept with one person” trope. So refreshing. She is just a decent chick who happens to take no prisoners. She has always had a temper and hated when she was told it’s a boy thing. She can do it to and so she does.

The romance… Oh the sweet romance. And the sexy times… Hell Yes to the well written sexy times.

If you are a lover of contemporary romance, you need to get your butt into gear and read this book. 1. because it’s awesome and you will love it, and 2. So we can swoon together and fangirl and talk about how excited we are for the rest of the books.

I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

One more thing. This book has the most beautiful dedication, which I feel like might be a reason the book is able to capture so much real and raw emotion. Make sure you don’t skip over it.

Title – Broken
Author – Sasha Marshall
Publisher – Bell Bridge Books
Released – June 5th 2018

You can get your own copy from – Amazon

In case you are wondering who I was imagining as Henley even though she was described rather differently –

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