Preparing for Self-Published Fantasy Month


I’m very new to the whole blogging and Twitter world so I was pretty unaware of the SPFBO, started by Mark Lawrence several years ago, until this year. An awesome idea, it has shined a light on the quality of self-published books that are out in the world.
When it comes to fantasy I can be a bit of a book snob, which I’ve now come to realise is 100% to my detriment. Even just stalking writers and bloggers on Twitter has given me more of an insight into how things work in the publishing world and how hard it is to get published. So many people are trying to get their book out there, self-publishing is a great option and I have to stop my automatic judgement when I hear those words. I actually have quite a few self-published books on my kindle and with Jason over at Off the TBR organising the Self-Published Fantasy Month for September (#SelfPubFantasyMonth), I’ve decided it’s time to finally get to a few of them. Make sure you check out Jason’s blog for all the info.

I have a few self-published books on my kindle that I would like to get to, I was hoping to make a start on one by now but life has been busy and reading has not been a priority. Hopefully soon.
Anyway without further waffling here is the list of books I’ll be choosing from.


So that is six. I’m hoping to get through at least three or four. I read slower when I use my kindle versus when I’m holding a paperback. I have no idea why. On a side note can we all just pause to appreciate the absolute badassery that is the cover of Blades Of Magic by Terah Edun. I freaking love it so much that it will be one I definitely read… Yes I am a cover whore.

Are you joining in? What are you planning on reading?

A big thanks to Jason for organising and coming up with the banner.

12 thoughts on “Preparing for Self-Published Fantasy Month”

  1. If I squeed I’d squee! I think you’re the first other person to post about this or to reuse the banner. That’s awesome! I’m so excited. I’ve got 4 of those books on my kindle too and one of them will possibly get read in sept. Oh…I’m a cover whore too and YES that’s a badass cover.

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  2. Might be a weird question, but is there a way to tell if a book is self publish? Other than the author is contacting a blogger and telling them?
    Like if i go on Amazon to buy a book, would i know it was self published?

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    1. Weirdly enough a good way to figure this out on amazon is by checking the print copy. A lot of indie author use CreateSpace for print on demand, so that will be listed next to publisher on the print versions. More and more authors are using KDP Print. In that case, it will have “Independently Published” listed as publisher on the print copy. Sometimes the authors name will also be listed as the publisher.

      This isn’t always 100% the case though. Given that many readers automatically reject self published books (consciously or not), many author have more or less created small imprints to release their book under. So the name of that company will be released next to publisher. Joanna Penn, for example, has Curl Up Press.

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  3. I do love that badass cover! I’m one of the judges on the SPFBO and it certainly does open up your mind to giving self pubbed books a chance and the authors too. Hope you love your reads.
    Lynn ;D

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