A recap

As someone who normally reads 8-15 books per month, the last couple of months have sucked reading wise. Not the quality, but the quantity has been low, recently I only got through one book in the entire month. I have had stuff on, I know that your reading pace can change, life changes and you change. Mine was very much a case of I lost my mojo. In June, due to some rereads, I feel some sense of satisfaction with the amount that I have read. The joy that I have gotten from it. I’ve been inconsistent with blogging and such, I always will be, I think its part of my personality. But I had fun with it all.

The Lost Sentinel by Suzanne Rogerson was a fun fantasy read, set on a beautiful island, wrapped in magic; We followed Tei on her mission to find the new sentinel.

The Taste of Blue Light by Lydia Ruffles is an emotionally charged contemporary read, that delves into mental health, finding yourself, friendships and family. It most definitely tugged on my heart-strings and I identified with the main character quite a lot.

Manifest Recall by Alan Baxter is an intense, gritty, thriller. Outside of my normal genre, I had a ball. I expected action, I didn’t expect the depth and feeling that Baxter jammed into the story. It’s not what I would consider a typical mob story. It would look great on the big screen.

I have started my Kate Daniels reread in preparation for the release of book 10, Magic Triumphs.
These books are like lollies, once I start, I can’t stop, so there have been a couple of late nights. I have read the first four main books in the series, plus three shorts.

I’m also halfway through Horns by Joe Hill and part way into The Sentinel’s Reign by Suzanne Rogerson.

I’m feeling very satisfied with June, I may not have read a lot, but I was consistent in my reading.

I also happened to pick up a few books at Supernova, where I met Alan Baxter and missed the other two authors I was hoping to meet due to my shitty timing.


Bound by Alan Baxter
Plus book two and three in the series, Obsidian and Abduction. Also his book Manifest Recall.

Who’s Afraid? by Maria Lewis
I 100% wouldn’t have picked this up in store if I had of seen it, which is ridiculous as I think I’m going to love it. But I was chatting with the girl from QBD who ran the book section and damn she was so passionate and excited about the books, that I fell into a ‘must have the books’ trap. Which is also how I got…

Whisper by Lynette Noni
It looks like a quick read, I’m interested to see if I enjoy her writing as I have a couple of her Medoran Chronicles books that I haven’t picked up yet.

Kalanon’s Rising by Darian Smith
I found this author in amongst the stalls. I loved the cover, the author was lovely, so I figured that it was worth a look. It seems to be a crime thriller type set in a medieval style world.

So that was my June.

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